About Us


AG 18(Pty)LTD we are a black owned private company in the area of construction, poultry products and supply of petrol and diesel. We have been in existence since 2018.The Word of God is our standard in the operation of our company. The passion for hard work and self-sustenance motivated us to start the company. We cherish competing for the best results for the work we do, which comes with a guarantee all the time. We work in all areas of South Africa, not limited by anything. Our workers are recruited based on skill and experience, in short we use the best we to fulfill the promises of guaranteed work to our customers.


To be a recognised competitor and the best among equals in the construction, poultry, and petrol and diesel industry. Producing good guaranteed work all the time.


We strive for guaranteed work all the time and we are determined to work with only skilled and experienced employees


  • The fear of God is championed in all we do.
  • The principle of Batho Pele with emphasis on client Care and Ubuntu
  • The principle of a better life for all
  • Professional Conduct
  • Good Governance
  • Mutual Respect
  • Non-racialism and Non-sexism
  • Redress
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Environmental Sustainability